Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goooood morning, Saturday!

It is a rainy, gloriously gloomy day here in San Diego. The landscape is full of dark greens and browns and autumn yellows, set against the background of pale gray sky. A whispy fog envelops the trees on the hills that surround me. The sound of the blessed water falling provides the soundtrack and the rhythm for this day.

I used to get so depressed on rainy days, and only the sun could infuse me with energy, but it all changed when I moved to San Diego. Here, it seems, I can see beauty in everything. This place is filled with colors so vibrant, sounds so motivating, people so positive, that life is simply continuously livable and nothing seems impossible.

What that means for me as a parent is that all these fears I have daily, from the moment I learnt I was pregnant the first time, cannot paralyze me.


"At least I have her love
The city - she loves me" :)

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