Friday, October 10, 2014

I don't feel like working; there'll be no working today!

It's Friday and I feel like weekend should have started yesterday. It's been a... hectic week. Who am I kidding? Every week during a school year is a hectic one! Even during school breaks - which our school district can't seem to get enough of - you still have to take your kids to camps and probably the usual extracurricular activities, because most of them only stop on holidays. Why do driver's lessons start at 16? I think my son could handle it at 10 :) Or, perhaps, I should attach a 19th century buggy to his bicycle and he can take his siblings to their sports activities! There is a spark of brilliance! And he would love it!... For about 30 seconds, at least :(

Well, good Friday everyone, and may your kids be ever in your favor!

"I don't feel like dancing" by Scissor Sisters

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