Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Morning edition with a three-year-old

I had quite an entertaining morning with my daughter this morning. What beautiful and silly story we made! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

We were on our way to the daycare, and saw a white dog with its owner at the traffic light. I remarked how the dog looks just like the white golden retriever we used to have (that, sadly, passed away two years ago), except it has shorter hair.
My daughter: Yes, mommy, you had that dog before I was born.
Me: Yes, I did!
My daughter: That's when I lived somewhere else!
Me - laughing heartily: No, love, before you were born you lived in daddy's and my hearts, and then you came to my tummy, and then you were born.
My daughter: Yes, because I was bored.
Me - laughing even more: Yes, you told me you were bored and you wanted to come out and play with your siblings!
My daughter: Silly mommy, I didn't talk when I was a baby; I said goo-goo ga-ga!
Me: Yes, but I didn't understand what that means. But you also started kicking my tummy, and so I thought: Hmm, I know what this means! My baby wants to come out!
My daughter: Yes. And how did I come out?
Me: Well, I screwed up my face like this (imagine my face here), and pushed as if I'm about to poop.
My daughter - giggling: Yes, and I went into the toilet and then you flushed it!
Me - laughing hard: Yes, and then you went to see the Ninja Turtles in the sewers and eat pizza with them.
My daughter - still giggling: And you came for me.
Me: I did! I knew you didn't have any teeth yet, so you wouldn't be able to eat pizza and would be very hungry. So I asked the Ninja Turtles politely to give you back to me so you can drink milk from me.
My daughter: Yes, and I drank a lot, because I was very thirsty!

We both laughed hilariously by this point :) One Direction were playing "You don't know you're beautiful" in the background, and she switched the subject telling me how she only listens to 1D in the car, and that she has to listen to them in the morning and sing and dance in order to wake up the sun!

It was my turn to change the subject and I reminded her how her baby brother's first birthday is coming up, and after short discussion on the subject of the birthday cake (yes, you guessed it - she suggested Ninja Turtles cake), I asked her who should we invite to the party. She started naming her daycare pals and said:

My daughter: We need to tell their moms and dads to drop them off and leave, because I love playing with my friends.
Me: I don't think that's a good idea...
My daughter - interrupting: I think that's a good idea, because I want to play with my friends.
Me - getting back to what I was saying: I don't think that's a good idea, but their moms and dads can stay with me in the kitchen.
My daughter: Yes, they can stay with you and daddy and drink tea.
Me: There you go!
My daughter: You can have tea, too!
Me - laughing: Thank you, love.
My daughter: You can also have one coffee!

And there we were, parking in front of the daycare, where the conversation took turn to how she drank so much food this morning that she couldn't possibly eat any snack :D

Ahhh, conversations with three-year-olds are so inspiring and invigorating :D If I were a doctor, I would prescribe them!

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