Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nothing good comes easily

At this exact time a year ago, I was lying in a delivery room bed, hooked on a few of IV lines and blissfully void of pain. One was pushing antibiotics into my bloodstream which, at first, gave me a terrible itching sensation on my forehead and in the back of my neck, and made me and my doctor realize for the first time I had a syndrome with very unfortunate name of "red man" a.k.a. "red neck". Apparently, that particular "flavor" of antibiotics doesn't sit well with some of us who are obliged to take it. It's "to die of" (In extreme cases)!
The other was pumping the love hormone into my body which "plays a crucial part in enabling us to not just forge and strengthen our social relations, but in helping us to stave off a number of psychological and physiological problems as well [... and] is proving to be a crucial ingredient to what makes us human" (to learn more about why oxytocin "is simply the most incredible molecule on the planet", visit:, but which also produces some serious side-effects when overdosed - namely, huge powerful contractions. Men, don't say no one warned you if you decide to try the nasal spray!
The third IV was giving me the stuff that would make me forget the first two. I just had to press the button. The road to Nirvana is paved with epidural.

And finally, after 20 hours in delivery and many out-of-this-world moments and unbelievable coincidences, our baby boy was born adding to our blessings. But what is striking to me the most is that out of five deliveries, four of which resulted in live births, I remember this one most vividly and to the greatest level of detail. It was magical for so many remarkable reasons (and I promise you that epidural is NOT one of them!).

Happy first birthday, my love! May God grant you many blessed years and a fulfilling life.

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