Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A big shout-out

Hello, my sisters and brothers in parenting!

Today is a beautiful sunny, albeit chilly, San Diego day and I feel inspired to give a big-shout to two dads who took parenting by the horns and are blogging about their experiences. This are blogs I go to when I feel like I need an imaginary comrade in parenting, or two. Their approaches are different, but equally effective, because, in the end, "We are all screwed up by our parents", as House MD once wisely said.

(In the order in which they first appeared on my radar)

- this dad craftily mixes genuine fatherly love, sarcasm and (my favorite) woe-is-me! humor with a good spoonful of no-bs. Dear Dad And Buried, may the Laughs be with you!

- Blue Skies at I haven't found laughter in this blog, but I have found joy, and many other emotions, masterfuly expressed through poetry. This is where I go to when the humor just won't come. Just read this:

For You

These lessons you have given 
My lord up above

Thankful for your light

And, at the end, a small whimper: 1100 visits to this blog! Yoohoo!!! Thank you thank you thank you! And keep visiting! There is more whimpering where all this came from :(

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