Monday, July 25, 2016

And yet...

Maaaan! I hate it when I wake up rested and chirpy in the morning and wish I was pregnant again! It seems that every time my life regains some balance and order, I feel like I can take on more. Like the amount of weight I carry daily is not that great and there is certainly room for more. Honestly, someone smack me. Now.

Like, for real, woman. How many more poopy diapers daily can you change? Have you forgotten that you work for a company that offers a cupboard as a pumping room? (I swear, I lived through the Dursley months!) Don't you remember how silence is more scary than shouting, because it usually means kids are doing something that will make you hoarse and wonder what are those joys of parenthood everyone is talking about? Are they just an urban legend? Haven't you been in your car just yesterday and vowed to ban anyone under the age of twelve to ever enter?!

*sigh* And yet... And yet... I had a bittersweet moment today at home: we assembled a brand new desk for our 5-year-old, who officially became our third school-aged child, and have discarded the toddler bed moving our 2-year-old to a bunk bed with his aforementioned sister. There are no more babies in this house, which makes their dad and me both happy and sad as parents: happy because our children are growing and reaching important milestones as they should, healthy and smart as they are; and sad because - well, many of you know why... Because all those things that drive you insane as a parent are also the things that make you so intensely happy. But most importantly, your children's need of you is slowly lessening over the years (as it should, for their sake), but it is fulfilling that need on daily basis (especially for multiple children) that brings out the best in you (especially that best in you you didn't know existed before you had kids) and makes you the best version of yourself you could possibly ever be.